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The teachers of the Specialised Kinesiology College of South Africa have been hard at work to continue to bring our Internationally recognised Kinesiology course courses to you even during the lock down period of Covid 19

Due to Covid-19 and the lock down in SA and other countries, we have taken our ICPKP courses on-line!

You can now sign up for the Level 1 career course or animal course and complete the units online in our in-house learning platform (LP) portal. We will support the learners weekly through online meetings and once lock down is over the LP will become a resource for the students to use as a reference. Once we are able to teach face to face again we will cover all material learned online, answer any questions, do any demonstrations needed and help the students to complete any outstanding homework.

To find out more send a request here

Testimonials about the learning platform from our students

Loving the online learning and videos Thanks you for all your hard work. AMAZING !!!!!!!!


Thanks again for all the hard work - the lessons have been great so far - the videos are awesome! Thanks again for going over 104 last night in the online meeting.


Thanks so very much for all your hard work that went into the online platform and making it available to us in order to continue with the course.


Also the online platform is awesome! I’m really enjoying it! It is working very smoothly from my side.


The learning platform is very user friendly and the videos are very informative and helpful, definitely helped refresh my memory. Thanks again for putting this platform together for us.


I found our last Zoom meeting to be very helpful, thank you.


The online platform has been a real game changer. It is so wonderful to be able to go and actually watch a video instead of reading a page over and over wondering if you're doing something properly. I cannot thank you all enough for all the effort that has gone into this online platform!


The online courses has been very helpful! Thank you very much for setting it up. enjoying the videos, wonderful to be able to experience the visual aspect. Thank you!


Thank you for this evenings Zoom meeting and also for all the constant check in and update. It really has been helping me loads!


The online portal has been a huge support to me over the past couple of weeks. I’ve managed to catch up, in my own time, and found there’s so much extra I’ve learned by watching the videos! Well done to you and your team Margie!


So what is Kinesiology?

From its early beginnings in Chiropractic in the 1960’s Kinesiology has evolved into an extraordinary complementary healthcare modality, one which combines Western techniques with Eastern wisdom.

Over the years, research pioneers who were specialists in their disciplines contributed to its huge body of knowledge and so today we find many different streams or forms of Kinesiology that have been integrated to form a vast amount of knowledge and techniques designed to access and assess stress within the body-mind system.

What can
do for me?

Kinesiology is one of the most holistic therapies of all time. It works with all types of life challenges, from physical pain, to emotional issues and everything in between. Kinesiologists are trained to work with you to help you to thrive, be more successful, be at peace and stress free in all areas of your life. With Kinesiology you can have better relationships, great communication, less pain, sleep better, be more successful, and create the kind of life you want!

  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Addictions
  • Relationships
  • Pain
  • Muscle Injury

"Its what you learn after you know it all that counts."

~ Earl Weaver

Kinesiology courses & careers


If your purpose and passion is to help others, do what YOU love and earn a living.


If you love fur kids, we have Kinesiology courses designed especially to help animals.


Are you a professional? You can now do short courses in line with your speciality.


Learn some muscle testing techniques to help yourself and your family.


Did you know that Kinesiology can improve your athletic performance and help recovery?


Take a short course to learn beneficial techniques to enhance your daily life and reduce stress.

What do kinesiologists say? A few words from our students.

"Specialised Kinesiology is a client-centered approach to health, wellness and lifestyle. Specialised Kinesiology supports the unique expression of true health and vitality for each individual mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually."
"Using muscle testing as a tool, Kinesiologist’s help people gain accurate insight into what is causing pain – on any level: mental, emotional, physical and social. Then, using a variety of balancing techniques, we assist the body to heal itself so that the client can find balance and wholeness – to move forward and live their best life."
"Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a tool which aids in providing guidance and self healing in one’s life – to recognise, understand and break patterns, helping bring a positive change in all aspects – helping one achieve a more fulfilled life purpose."
"Clients who ‘turn to Kinesiology’ are usually on a path to ‘find themselves’ or ‘their essence’ whether that be to lessen pain or gain personal growth. Kinesiology, through the use of muscle testing, enables a connection to our essence, to the wholeness of self. As Kinesiologist’s we facilitate that journey."
"Kinesiology is a method of gaining access to a person’s unconscious wisdom and walking the journey with the client to recognising patterns and assisting with changing and enlightening their lives and assisting the client to self healing."
"Kinesiology helps clients to access unconscious / survival patterns that keep them stuck in their lives and give them tools for making change. On a physical level we also use various techniques that support the body in engaging its natural healing process."

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Please make use of this link for official information during this state of disaster. COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal