Kinesiology is not a “one technique fits all clients” therapy! As such defining Kinesiology is complicated. So we asked the Kinesiology students what Kinesiology means to them. Below you will find their answers and definitions. We hope this will give you some insight into Kinesiology as a therapy as well as inspire you to have a Kinesiology session.

From the Kinesiology Students

Specialised Kinesiology is a client-centered approach to health, wellness and lifestyle. Specialised Kinesiology supports the unique expression of true health and vitality for each individual mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Using muscle testing as a tool, Kinesiologist’s help people gain accurate insight into what is causing pain – on any level: mental, emotional, physical and social. Then, using a variety of balancing techniques, we assist the body to heal itself so that the client can find balance and wholeness – to move forward and live their best life.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a tool which aids in providing guidance and self healing in one’s life – to recognise, understand and break patterns, helping bring a positive change in all aspects – helping one achieve a more fulfilled life purpose.

Clients who ‘turn to Kinesiology’ are usually on a path to ‘find themselves’ or ‘their essence’ whether that be to lessen pain or gain personal growth. Kinesiology, through the use of muscle testing, enables a connection to our essence, to the wholeness of self. As Kinesiologist’s we facilitate that journey.

Kinesiology is a method of gaining access to a person’s unconscious wisdom and walking the journey with the client to recognising patterns and assisting with changing and enlightening their lives and assisting the client to self healing.

Kinesiology helps clients to access unconscious / survival patterns that keep them stuck in their lives and give them tools for making change. On a physical level we also use various techniques that support the body in engaging its natural healing process.

Kinesiologist’s use muscle testing to access the body’s unconscious wisdom. This allows us to identify imbalances as well as the best of many techniques to allow the clients to heal themselves. Through this process, we assist our clients in achieving their highest potential…. as they see fit.

Kinesiology provides a holistic vehicle towards optimum health, using muscle testing and various other tools to bring about healing in the most non-judgemental way possible.

Kinesiology provides a safe environment to explore pain, grief, emotions, beliefs, values and much more – through muscle testing – in order for healing to start.

Kinesiology allows the client to access the causes of any of their issues through muscle testing. The client can then travel their journey through new eyes allowing the process to take its course.

When a person feels as if there is no way out of an emotionally charged situation or pattern, Kinesiology can give them the tools to find hope and faith within themselves because without hope and faith there is nothing.

We help clients to see their life patterns that are keeping them stuck by using the amazing tool of muscle testing to access the client’s subconscious in order to create positive change.

The Kinesiologist acts as a tour guide to empower the client to make holistic choices for their own wellbeing, using the client’s subconscious and physical prompts as sign posts.

Kinesiology facilitates a process of personal discovery and empowerment, accessing our innate natural wisdom to allow mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing and grow.

The basic premise of kinesiology is that the body is designed to heal itself. When we experience stress – of a physical, mental or emotional nature – it creates blockages in our healing system. Kinesiology identifies and releases these blockages.

Kinesiology accesses information stored in the body on a cellular level, and guided by this information we help clients to shift from a position of being stuck – to an empowered position of active self-healing.

Kinesiology is an answer to taking responsibility for my own healing, in a holistic, natural way. Bringing home the power of change, from the inside out.

Kinesiologist’s, through muscle testing, assist clients to access their subconscious to find choices, alternatives and new perspectives, which when applied to current reality provides alternatives to adapting to stressful circumstances. These choices, now on a conscious level, can be supported by physical strengthening, which “locks in” attitudinal changes and supports emotional balance.

As Kinesiologist’s we give our clients our time, compassion and a safe place for them to express what they are battling with in life, be it physical, spiritual or emotional. Through tapping into their body’s energy using the tool of muscle testing we are able to bring about self awareness, understanding and acceptance. Sometimes only by understanding exactly where you are can you really make more conscious decisions on where you want to be!

Through the use of a muscle testing techniques, unconditional love and honouring the client’s healing process, Kinesiology facilitates change in order for the client to choose and move towards balance and their highest potential on all levels.

As a Kinesiologist I am a facilitator who is able to access information through you that is specific to you, helping you find what it is you are looking for now. Whatever you need – you already know; we can help you connect to the part of you that has the answers you need to help you change.

Living Learning Healing. With each session our client brings a new awareness or awakening within us and this in turn brings a higher consciousness for the genuine desire to heal.

Having the privilege of being guided by a client’s body, through different kinesiology tools, to bring light to his/her darkness and restore balance to body, mind and soul.

Kinesiology is a safe space, a place where one comes to be heard and understood as much as to be healed. It is an opportunity to listen and also to reflect. It is a tool that is a gift and a privilege. It is also a means for me to lead the life I ought to be leading.

Kinesiology is alchemy of the mind. Quickly and effectively defogging the mind simply. Rebirth – burning the dark into the light/transmuting problems into solutions.

Transcending with client throughout the process. To stop your life for a while to allow another human to grow. Facilitate that need, create the opportunity.