What you can do with it:

  • Help your own fur kids
  • Start a new career working with animals
  • Work in an animal shelter
  • Add these skills to an existing veterinary practice

What you will learn:

The Canine and Equine Kinesiology workshops will provide you with the skills and expertise you need to channel your love for animals into a fulfilling and rewarding career in Animal Kinesiology. You will learn to accurately muscle test through an initial 12-day course before applying your newly acquired knowledge to dogs or horses (or both!) with our 4-day dog and 4-day horse workshops.

About the Kinesiology for Animals Workshops

Are you passionate about animals?

Well so are we!  Read about our horses.

Many students want to work with animals. In order to do so, it is imperative that the student has a good grounding in Kinesiology so that they can muscle test accurately for effective results. I recommend that those who want to do the animal courses (horse and dog workshops) first complete part of the BKP certificate, i.e. units 101 to 106.

BKP 101 to BKP 105 gives the students the in-depth knowledge and skills that will form the basis of a good Kinesiology practice with accurate muscles testing abilities.

BKP 106 gives the student the ability to take a history, use the Kinesiology finger mode system and to do age recession. Read below about the BKP units and the costs. You can also download the dates of the animal courses in all provinces here 


PREREQUISITE BKP 106 | 2 Day Workshop | Cost R2400

  • Basic skeletal anatomy
  • Basic muscle anatomy
  • Test and balance 14 meridian systems using muscle testing
  • Gait points
  • Accessing mental alternatives with horses, and the various brain functions
  • Testing for the use of homeopathy for basic first aid
  • Testing for emotions
  • Testing for flower remedies
  • Checking and testing for spinal imbalances
  • Stretching techniques
  • Individual characteristics using facial structure
  • Full balance process