What you can do with it

  • Earn and extra income
  • Start a whole new career
  • Work from home
  • Expand your existing practice
  • Experience a life changing way to help yourself & others

What you will learn

BKP Level 1 takes approximately 1 year and is the entry point into becoming a highly regarded Professional Specialised Kinesiologist. Being a synthesis of techniques and skills researched from ancient Chinese acupuncture, modern chiropractic, osteopathy, nutrition and naturopathy, Kinesiology is the most holistic of all the natural therapies and, like many traditional healing philosophies, it recognises the importance of body, mind and spirit in health and well being. Students can start with level 2 concurrently after 6 months (optional). The student can then go on to complete the Diploma in Kinesiology and then the Advanced and Kinesiopractic diplomas (0ptional).

About the Basic Kinesiology Practitioner Certificate (BKP)

The Certificate in Basic Kinesiology Practice is based on the Essential Skills & Knowledge gained from the following Industry Approved Kinesiology & Health Modules and are by class attendance only. The student’s learning path is monitored for proficiency each step of the way. Each unit has an Assessment Journal to be completed and marked by the instructor. This mark is added to the student’s computerised track record. The student will then do a short computer test for competency and on completion of each wedge of training, there is an end of series exam. This is to ensure graduates of ICPKP maintain a high level of knowledge and competency.

Course Dates & Venues

Cape Town & Johannesburg:

We have courses twice a year, beginning in January and August.

Durban & Port Elizabeth:

We have courses beginning in July.

Click on the link for your province to get information on course dates.
Gauteng Western Cape KwaZulu-Natal

For overseas students, or out of the province, there are intensive courses in Johannesburg.
For the current course pricing, please send us an email.