What qualifications do you I need before i can sign up as a student?

We understand that in South Africa, there are many school leavers who have not completed matric. And some of the best people we know do not have a degree. The only qualification that we require at this college is literacy and the passion to help others.


Margie, the years that you have dedicated to the college, is what gives us, as students and young practitioners, an edge on other streams of alternative healing, as well as other streams of Kinesiology. If helping others, including yourself, and achieving heights and goals, once perceived as unattainable, this course is for you. Even if you just enrol for the self care, or the 1st year Certificate unit, it will be THE DECISION in your life, yielding the most FAR REACHING RESULTS.

B N – JHB Campus

How is the course delivered?

Traditionally Kinesiology has always been taught in face-to-face classes. In 2020, we created our own online Learning Platform where we have content, power point, and video demonstrations with 24/7 access. This allows you to learn in your own time and revise any content whenever you need it.

The online portion for each unit needs to be completed before class and is a great preparation for face to face classes. This allows you to attend class with the knowledge and confidence of what will be covered in class and allows the teachers to spend more time doing the hands on practical sessions with you. The added benefit is that you will also complete some of the homework components.

You can expect to spend about 30% of your time online and about 70% in person. The Online Learning Platform is simple to use. We will send you instruction on how to sign up and once completed you simply log on to the website and click the module you wish to watch.


I love the online learning platform, it really helps so much to prepare me for the practical. To be honest I am not sure how people prior to the platform studied as easily as we can without those videos, we have the option of going back to a video when we forget or when something has not sunk in. The time with you does however add a dimension that I feel is very essential to learning!

Viv Proudfoot – Kzn Campus

The Online Learning Platform is an amazing platform and love the visual learning. Well done on
pulling it off so quickly, Most companies take extensive months to implement.

Charlene De Nysschen – JHB Campus

This is amazing. I am just loving the online classes. Can really take the time to work through the information. Best idea ever.

Robyn – CT Campus

How much time per month do I need to dedicate to my study?

One unit will take about 16 hours to complete. This will include reading your class notes along with watch the videos online, approximately 3 hours per unit, 8 hours of class face to face time and about 5 hours to complete any outstanding homework in your student assessment journal. The good news is that we complete quite a bit of the homework during class time. We also suggest that you find a class buddy that you can practice with once a month for a few hours.

In some provinces we do 2 units a month and in others we do 1 unit a month. We also have intensive courses for those coming from outside SA borders who have to travel far to get to class.

The face to face class component is necessary to pass the course.

After completing Level 1, the face to face time is set to suit the students.

I have a very busy life, will I be able to do this course?

Most of my students are who who are married, with children and a career. We do have dads too and Kinesiology is becoming more and more popular with school leavers. If you can fit in and few hours a month and spend a day or 2 a month to attend class (depending on the province), you can do it! Think of the long term benefits, once you become a Professional Kinesiologist – more time with family while you earn a great income and you can do so from home! Also you can be a practitioner well into your old age and we all know that saving for retirement is not so easy. Besides, retirement is boring, having a passion keeps us going!


It was a great first year for me Margie, I am grateful to have found you and the college – the work load and the format really resonates with me, very happy! I don’t imagine I could or want to learn kinesiology any other way – I feel prepared on many levels for this new chapter and have really grown so much in myself this year because of it ? thank you!

Claire – CT campus

I have previously studied Kinesiology or another related modality. Do you recognise prior learning?

There are cross over courses that you can attend to integrate your existing Kinesiology skills. We also recognise prior learning (RPL) and you can request recognitions of prior learning. eg Anatomy, Physiology & Chemistry, Nutritional Science.

What if I miss a face-to-face class?

All information is on the learning platform. If you are ill you can request that you Skype into class (we don’t mind if you are in bed!) However the learning platform is available to you at anytime so we do expect you to catch up the information before the next class. Some of the teachers are also able to do a catch up session (at an extra cost) We also encourage students to repeat any classes when they are next taught and we don’t charge for repeats.

How much does the course cost?

We do our utmost to make the course affordable for all. We do pay licenses to the mother college for every unit that we teach. The exchange rate is always a consideration especially as the Rand continue to fluctuate or fall.

We are very open to making a plan to suit you, so your are more than welcome to contact the principle.

As costs continue to change we ask that you request an enrolment form by going here to see the latest course price.

For 2023 we have added 3 new SPM units just for you! This has increased our cost slightly however these are units that YOU can teach! Complete the units on the LP and if you would like to teach them to family and friends so that you can already earn while you learn, just repeat the 3 SPM units at an extra cost with an instructor, so that we can help you with the teaching component in order for you to effectively pass on these valuable life changing tools.


Thank you so much for making a plan for me to complete Level 1. I was in dire straights financially and am really grateful that you allowed me to pay off the course in a way that worked for me. I am saving up for the deposit for level 2 and cant wait to get back to class. (PS I am doing session as a student practitioner at R200 which is helping with my case studies and allowing me to save for next year)

CP – JHB Campus

How long does it take to get qualified and what can I earn?

Level 1 takes between 6-9 months to complete (depending on the province). After completing all assessments, exams and applying for student member of PKASA you may charge a maximum of R200.

Level 2 is held over 1 year. After you have completed 6 units of level 2 you may set your own fees. Most Kinesiologist currently charge between R450 and R750 per hour/session. However once you are more advanced many Kinesiologist charge in excess of R750 per hour.

You can also chose to complete Level 3 and 4 at the college and we set the dates to suit the advanced students.

Most students chose to work from home, a few work from gyms, holistic clinics or wellness studios.

We offer extra support by helping you to start your business by advertising your services on the college website. We also do a mailchimp by request to jump start your practice where we highlight you which allows prospective clients to get to know you. Any enquiries that we receive we refer to the website so that you can be found.


My experience at this college has been phenomenal. I have gone deeper within myself than I have ever gone, I have made progress in areas of my life where I had previously felt stuck for so long and the ‘aha’ moments have brought clarity to many questions I had about myself and my behaviours. The thought that I can do the same for others is just so inspiring! The new friends I have made are truly divine and the mentorship from the more experienced students is so supportive and helpful. I truly would recommend this course for anyone wanting self development in their personal lives and to experience the most wonderful and positive shifts as well as for a successful career in helping others do the same for themselves.

Kim Lewis-Williams JHB Campus

After completing my homework and practicals I soon found that every time I did a session on someone something amazing happened, actually quite astounding. My own inner journey has been one of opening up each time when it was my turn to have a Kinesiology session and although sometimes the emotions were scary, something inside me was fixed and I healed. Having just returned from a Cape Town Level 4 intensive I’m so inspired and motivated to help and touch and heal….on all levels Watch out Durban…….I’m ready

Chrisna Ashforth – Durban Campus

Do I need to buy any books to start the course?

No. All notes are printed and given to you. We post the first 2 sets of notes, once you have paid and we hand out the following course notes in class. We do however recommend that you purchase a massage table so you can practice on your volunteers towards the end of the first years course.

I can’t travel to you monthly because I am coming from afar. Do you have intensive course options?

Yes, we do. We regularly run intensive courses in George. However we are happy to make a plan for you in other provinces too.

What do you expect from me as a student?

What you get out of the course will depend on what you put into it. We are here to help you become the best you can be not only personally but professionally too Your part of this program is twofold – the personal growth component and the student component.

Firstly, you will be stretched personally throughout this course as you are encouraged to work through your own issues to remove personal blocks, stresses and limitations. This course takes a holistic approach, dealing with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues that prevent us from expressing our true selves.

Secondly the more effort you make as a student to do the homework sections of your study the sooner you will earn the income you desire.


I have so loved doing the Kinesiology course. It has been an amazing journey. It has helped me to finally understand myself and why I react in certain ways to situations. I constantly use the tools learned for myself and my family and look forward to qualifying so that I can help more people.


The process of becoming a kinesiologist requires hard work and dedication. Fortunately during classes we are continuously aware of and supported by our teacher’s dedication and passion for kinesiology. The camaraderie amongst students as they walk the path of learning, self-discovery and continuous practice makes the College feel like home! I am now studying modules for the advanced and Kinesiopractic® diplomas, and will be sorry indeed when there are no more new modules to study.

I realised more and more that the training I receive in my ongoing studies at the Specialised Kinesiology College of South Africa is exemplary, certainly of the very best.

Este Godbeer – Jhb Campus

And I think I’m on the right track with the Kinesiology Course because the course itself has quite a few modules starting off simplistic and gradually becomes more intricate as one grows with it….but each time understanding how amazing it is as one delves into the subconscious mind finding out where the issues started from. Whilst going through the course and watching the process, have seen where aches and pains disappear completely after one session, other times, they’ve subsides considerably but needing further balancing at a later stage….it’s a process and like an onion there might be several layers to get through.

Jacqueline Fay Evelyn Crombie – PE Campus


Are you a registered FET College?

We are not a FET college. Our college is under the auspices of ICPKP. ICPKP is a leading provider of course material and assessment tools in kinesiology, the science of energy balancing. Colleges all over the world are accredited by ICPKP to teach ICPKP material as part of certificate and diploma programmes, plus the unique Advanced and Graduate Diplomas of Kinesiopractic®. ICPKP has registered units in Australia and New Zealand with the relevant qualifactions authorities.As we are not an FET college, we also cannot provide international students with a letter to obtain a student visa.

Who do I register with once qualified?

Our students register with PKPASA, our local Kinesiology Association.All our Professional Kinesiology Practitioner students that complete the PKP Kinesiology training can now also register with ASCHP (Association of Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners)?

Depending on your PKP level of training you may register as a:-
Supportive Counsellor – NQF level 4, Holistic Counsellor – NQF level 5, Wellness Counsellor – NQF level 7, Specialist wellness Counsellor – NQF level 8