Alecia Lombard – Durbanville

My healing journey started from a disconnected space, a chapter that I am eternally grateful for experiencing as it transformed my life in unimaginable ways. I now perceive loss, relationships, life’s challenges and disease from a completely different point of view. I re-discovered that knowledge was my most precious guide, endlessly challenging and changing my perspective and that accepting responsibility for my own life meant making healthy sustainable choices.

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Kinesiologist Profile

I am passionate about supporting others to find the courage to shift conditioned beliefs and negative thoughts and to reconnect with their true self by tuning into the wisdom and truth of their own bodies. I focus mainly on emotional stress release facilitating self-healing from symptoms of dis-ease (disease) in order to restore balance to body, mind and soul. Resolving emotional stress and changing old patterns of behaviour, that do not serve one any longer, can greatly improve one’s quality of life. This approach provides people with the tools they need to help them manage life better and move towards healing.
I feel that art & healing go hand-in-hand and therefore I am passionate about exploring the creative art of healing as every person is so unique and designed differently. What is good for one individual is often not as good for the next, so we aim to unpack the real message behind the symptoms. I encourage you to embark on a journey of self empowerment through knowledge and understanding by unraveling the health mysteries of your life through Kinesiology.  I speak English and Afrikaans.

Reiki / Energy healing / Meditation & visualisation / Platbos tree essence practitioner / Holistic massage
Visual communication Diploma (2002)/ BCom Degree (2011) / Kinesiology (current)


I had the absolute pleasure of being introduced to Kinesiology, when Alecia Lombard approached me to become one of her case studies, whilst she was still in training to become  a practitioner.

I had no idea what Kinesiology was nor what it entailed and was completely clueless as to what I was getting myself into.

I had just lost my mother to a gruesome battle with brain, liver and stomach cancer and was left alone in the world as a 24yr old, battling a heavy drug and food addiction. I had slipped into severe depression that was ridden with extreme anxiety. Being alive was a struggle, so I had nothing to lose. I have been in over 4 treatment facilities and many a psychiatrist’s consulting room. All of which definitely helped, but somehow I always ended up exactly where I started off, maybe wiser but never better.

It was here, at the point when I started walking the more holistic road, starting off with Kinesiology as the basis of everything, that my life started changing and in my case, any change, no matter how small, was a miracle.
Kinesiology is like a big mirror to me. I became my own healer and the Kinesiologist, the translator who was translating the language of the body for me to understand and what it wanted me to do, what it needed in order to be healthier and better, both emotionally and physically. Thus self-honesty, self-awareness as well as open-mindedness and willingness, I feel, are key elements to bring to the table when seeking this kind of treatment for it to work as successfully as mine has been. Although I’m most confident to say that you’ll find yourself wanting to engage from such a place in any case after attending a few sessions.

My Kinesiology sessions with Alecia have given me the clarity to see where certain problems stemmed from, in my case being a long lineage of destructive habits and belief systems. I have gotten to know myself better physically and emotionally through this process and am more aware of what exactly I need to do as an individual to bring on healing and change in my life. Knowing is half the battle and the strength to take action is not always there. However balancing and realigning certain areas in my body or sometimes doing a specific visual or mental exercise, with very little effort other than acknowledging a related emotion, I found myself carried through and supported in moments of difficulty. Sometimes in the days following a session, I realised, only after whatever challenge had passed, that my thought patterns and actions taken were exactly in line with what we had worked on.

I think what pushes me so hard in Kinesiology is the fact that the answers and information come from nowhere else but my own body, the vessel which carried me through every experience I have been through in this life and that there can be no lie or false information from anyone but me to myself. For someone with trust issues this was a huge confirmation. Before I knew it, I was understanding myself and my needs better, both physically and emotionally. I was able to get to a place where I could find healing, the exact type I needed as an individual.

Today I am in a much better place than where I came from. The changes I have made are so immense, it’s actually unbelievable, even though the road ahead is still long. I can’t tell you where and when it happened, but all I know is that it is a step-by-step process, and I just attended regular sessions. Like everything in life, change doesn’t happen overnight, but when the change is there, it’s like it did.

I now take the more natural and holistic approach to everything and Kinesiology will forever be something I make part of my life.

I will forever be gratefull to Alecia for the work she has done, her professionalism and her kindness. I can confidently say that I have full faith in her practice. I am a living embodiment.
(Anonymous – Jan 2017)

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