Alex Kilian – Constantia, Simonstown

Alex Kilian is a Specialised Kinesiologist and an Instructor for the Specialised Kinesiology College of South Africa in Constantia. Alex has keen listening skills and a systematic, analytical and grounded approach. She creates a safe, calm and steady environment that together with Kinesiology supports and facilitates her clients and students to reach their individual goals.

Kinesiologist Profile

Alex Kilian is a Specialised Kinesiologist. She is based In Fish Hoek and teaches the Level 1 and Level 2 courses on behalf of Specialised Kinesiology College of SA at the Cape Town College in Constantia. Over the past 15 years she has been dedicated to the delivery of programmes in the realms of corporate transformation, emotional Intelligence, conflict resolution, organisational learning, leadership, diversity and inclusion. She has experience in, and is passionate about alternative dispute resolution. She is a qualified Divorce Mediator. Alex’s passion lies in assisting clients to adapt to life’s transitions.

“Any transition serious enough to alter your definition of self will require you to adapt your way of living and thinking. Psychologically this process can feel like hell on wheels. Major life changes; the end of a relationship or divorce, starting or losing a career, having children or emptying the nest, all leave us reeling and grasping for coping mechanisms as we lose sight of everything that we thought previously defined us. Stress, confusion, overwhelm, uncertainty and loneliness become our constant companions. But they don’t need to be there for long.
Kinesiology helps immeasurable in adapting to major changes in our lives. The very powerful Kinesiology processes open the way to turn a perceived loss into a gain, and highlight how a loss never truly occurs, how an end never really exists, but how an end to the pain can. If you are struggling with major change right now, this may sound like a tall order, an impossible task. You may be having the worst experience of your life and can’t even consider the possibility that this change could turn into something positive. You may be contemplating change or living in the aftermath. Either way while pain and change are the keys that open the door to a deeper understanding of ourselves, it doesn’t need to take years to learn to transform what feels like a disaster into a something positive. Any change is a transformational time and you can choose to use it as the fuel for creating an extraordinary life”.

Alex has keen listening skills and an objective, systematic, analytical and grounded approach. She creates a safe, calm and steady environment, that together with Kinesiology, supports and facilitates her clients to redefine themselves

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