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After searching for “what’s wholesome, what’s worthy, what’s suitable, what’s real, what does human and humanity need to become whole and find and identify themselves, as a perfect piece of creation”, for 30 years, Babsie was introduced to Kinesiology by Paolo D’Lima. She has a passion for life, believing Life is beautiful and bountiful, to be enjoyed by all, deserved by all who want to partake in its exquisite grace.

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Kinesiologist Profile

Her journey with Kinesiology, has opened up avenues, to assist people in healing physically, mending broken hearts, and restoring vitality, to enjoy life, the way it’s meant to be. She stands amazed, and in awe, of results obtained of work she has done, to now. The strong link between emotions and the physical and mental body, is evident and lifestyle preferences play a distinct roll in a person’s wellbeing and health. She lives close to nature and would like to share the divinity of that with her clients.

Babsie is practicing as a Professional Kinesiologist, and in the process of completing her studies in the Advanced Diploma in Kinesiopractic.

She understands the impact of diet and lifestyle on learning issues with children, enjoys working with children, and with the aid of Kinesiology, assist our children and youth to cope and excel, reach out and obtain their dreams and goals.

She also enjoys muscle work, and can assist the body to recover from muscle or other injuries. Her compassion and tenderness, will assist you and you will feel at ease through the process. She has a professional, yet warm and tender demeanor, displaying empathy in her work. Her clients value her approach as well as approachability.  She enjoys working with people of all ages, including children and the aged.

She says “Your body and mind is powerful, and you can make any shift you want, go where you have always dreamed of, go where you never thought you could go – BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE – BE YOU!!!!”

Babsie also presents 2 Kinesiology workshops, in a corporate environment, as well as for individual groups. These workshops are extremely powerful, assisting individuals to recognize the 1st signs of stress and empowering them to manage it and take control of their lives. The Kpower® Tibetan Energy Workshop gives the ancient teachings, of maximizing vitality and enhancing longevity. The  Kpower® Stress Release Made Easy Workshop allows the student to understand stress and to release it effectively.

Your body and your mind is YOURS, designed by a Master, for a healthy, vibrant and wholesome life. Own your Life!!!!

She will also travel when required, to areas in the East Rand, as well as Pretoria, at AA travel rates.

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