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My aim is to help you to find your own inner healer, to find the healthy balance within you to facilitate your own wellness and in the process leave behind the unhelpful habits of the past.

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Kinesiologist Profile

Bronwyn believes very strongly that the path to healing is a personal one and we have everything we need inside ourselves to bring our own bodies back to health. Modern medicine – while it has many amazing applications, is focused on battling illness, not maintaining wellness. The close minded approach of mainstream medicine means that many of us have a learned mistrust of our bodies, and this can cause us to feel helpless and disconnected from our own innate healing system. Kinesiology, which incorporates physical, emotional, mental, nutritional and even spiritual balancing processes, is perfectly suited to help us bring our whole selves into homeostasis.

Bronwyn has been researching alternative healing therapies and science over the last decade, leading her to Kinesiology as a modality that encompasses many different therapies. She is focused, empathetic and calm and able to facilitate your emotional, mental and physical healing with patience and encouragement. She is very thorough, helping you to connect the docs with an open minded approach. By asking excellent questions, she has a knack of getting to the heart of the issue. Her Neuro-Linguistic Programming training means the balance is always geared to a positive outcome and you will always leave the table filled with new insights into your past and future and hopefully, more able to re-engage with yourself as the master of your body and a facilitator of self-healing.

Lisa: Bronwyn is an old medicine woman of the past, wrapped in a young body. She provides a safe, therapeutic space to explore life issues and goals that continue to impact and improve your life when you leave the session.

Ammarrah: Besides her loving nature, every time I got onto her therapy bed, I learnt new things about myself. I’m usually the kind of person who would keep my feelings and emotions to myself and due to that we have figured it was the cause of the terrible rashes on my legs. After only one session, the rash started reducing and after 2 weeks it was completely gone. Bronwyn definitely has healing hands & is very insightful. She helped me with a lot of things and every time I left her I felt a whole lot lighter.

Tamzen: Bronwyn has an incredible energy. She is very calm and caring in her balances as well as very knowledgeable. Her voice seems to immediately calm me down in sessions. I am always impressed by Bronwyn’s overall insights and view points, always helping me see things from a different perspective, which has helped me on many emotional levels. I always look forward to balances with her, whether it’s a physical or emotion issue, Bronwyn helps me get to the core of the problem. I always feel very safe and relaxed when I am with her. Bronwyn is an amazing practitioner, I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

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