Elizabeth J King – Southern Suburbs

“If you knew your body hears and reacts to everything your mind says, would you choose your thoughts more carefully?”

Kinesiologist Profile

Elizabeth’s keen interest in natural alternative therapies led her to study and practice kinesiology, a holistic healing modality that relies on the gentle testing of muscles to identify and correct energy imbalances in the body.

Coupled with her developed intuition, her skilled practice of kinesiology enables her to address a wide variety of issues efficiently and empathetically. As a wife and mother of teenagers and a toddler, a high level corporate career and part time student of a variety of special interests, she feels particularly at home when dealing with women’s, children’s and teens’ emotional issues. Elizabeth also has a deep understanding of matters facing men and is able to assist them with issues that they are dealing with. Elizabeth puts her clients at ease thanks to her sense of humour, which is always appropriate and brings a welcome relief, without ever making light of the issue at hand.

Moreover, her background in the pharmaceutical industry enables her to make relevant and informed suggestions to her clients in terms of beneficial supplements and her experience of pranic healing harmoniously complements her kinesiology practice.

Elizabeth practices kinesiology in the Deep South, Southern Suburbs in Cape Town, South Africa

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After my session with Liza, I felt lighter and my stress levels were reduced. Liza was kind, empathetic and non-judgemental and she has given me a lot to work with at home. She was spot on in her assessment of my spiritual/emotional issues and helped me see some self-limiting beliefs that have kept me from moving forward.   Robyn

Liza assessed my daughters’ nutritional needs and patiently sat with her and explained what her body needs to be in optimal health. We discovered that my daughter had several deficiencies and now we are able to make more informed decisions about her health.   Tania

My toddler is almost two years old and every day in our home is still life changing. Being a corporate working mother is not for the faint hearted. Each morning I need to put on my red lipstick and face the manic morning breakfast run, the traffic, the judgement from being late for work covered in trails of baby porridge, all while portraying a person that is in control and well rested.    Of course this lifestyle takes its toll and I find myself dealing with so many physical and emotional crashes. Each day I live in physical pain, the pain radiates in my back and neck and also in many other joints. To be honest, the pain has caused a side effect of mild depression thus resulting in many mixed emotions. Liza King introduced me to the healing effects of Kinesiology almost six months back. I have participated openly in the balances performed by Liza and instantly felt that I was in good hands. Liza has a warmth to her that made me feel comfortable, a trusting voice that led me on a journey of self-discovery and most importantly she has caring and gentle hands on very painful pressure points.    I would highly recommend Liza King Kinesiology and have seen noticeable progress in my journey toward moving freely again.  CS

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