Gillian O’Shea – Knysna

Gillian says Specialised Kinesiology embraces so many modalities and techniques; is not dependent on the practitioner’s ability alone but rather on tapping into what’s best for the client at that time. She believes all things are linked and therefore healthy living and eating, healthy thoughts, massage, cleansing, enough sleep and general balance in work and play is important to maintain a balanced body and mind. When there is disharmony in these areas it can reflect in dis-ease and distress on some level.

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Kinesiologist Profile

Gillian is excellent in questioning and probing, a good listener with strong intuition and shows genuine interest and passion in her clients and work.

She is passionate about sustainable living, permaculture, growing, eating and selling organic produce and expressing creativity.

“Assisting people to feel deeply regenerated, relaxed, and aligned in their bodies is important to me. Even as a young child I felt ‘aware’ and ‘in-tune’ with others’ happiness or distress and felt a personal willingness to do what I can to make things better.

Specialised Kinesiology has shown me how I can be a vehicle for others to find their balance and alleviate distress and I am humbled by the process that unfolds when I can share in another’s awareness and ‘ah ha’ moments.”

Gillian practices from Irene, Centurion and Randburg.

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