Holly Filday – United Kingdom

We all possess innate potential for living a purpose-filled life of happiness, peace and fulfilment. It is my absolute privilege to facilitate healing which inspires clients to achieve a sense of flow and alignment with Life.

Kinesiologist Profile

Holly is a Specialized Kinesiologist and Reiki practitioner. She is deeply interested in nutrition, sleep and digestive health as foundations for healing and wellness. Holly seeks to inform and educate her clients regarding a broad-based approach to achieving vitality and a sense of well-being.

Whilst kinesiology can bring rapid relief from specific concerns, a high-level approach to long term wellness is Holly’s preferred approach. Holly believes that happiness and freedom from stress is the natural birthright of all sentient beings. To this end, an educational and wide-ranging approach to restore homeostasis is necessary.    Stress and disharmony often characterize our lives and it is seldom that we realize the deeply and profoundly negative effect of this lifestyle upon the delicate and sensitive nervous system. Science has proven sleep to be the greatest healer and Holly has achieved great success in improving both sleep quality and quantity for her clients. After sleep, digestive health is the next focus area to support the body on it’s healing journey. The intestines are often referred to as our ‘2nd brain’ and this is highly significant when we seek to heal any disease.  Holly’s depth of knowledge regarding nutrition, digestion and sleep leads her to working with clients with autoimmune and digestive issues.  Holly has a keen interest in  inspiring those who feel ‘stuck’ or struggle to find their Purpose / Life Path. She has an exceptional ability to listen and ferret out key issues; clients feel heard at a deep level.

Working to bring balance and optimal functionality to the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, Holly enjoys assisting clients to achieve a sense of ‘joie de vivre’ and purpose in life.

Holly has a background in business, specifically retail and property management and she is most interested in the pivotal role of Ethical Leadership in business.

Contacting Holly is easiest via email. She is currently practising in Bedfordshire, UK.

Testimonial – I once was skeptical but now am cured

As someone who is fortunately seldom inflicted with pain or illness, I very rarely consider the consequence of medical treatment or therapeutic interventions. Recently however I did suffer from a searing shoulder pain that was worsened dramatically by my running, particularly downhill.

Preceding a weekend away and in desperation of pain relief our GP gave me a shot of cortisone and a prescription of anti inflammatory pills which had absolutely no impact whatsoever. On that weekend Holly suggested that I try a small session of Kinesiology, now as a grand skeptic of anything that was outside of mainstream medical practice I lay down reluctantly on her table not buying into the,” Mumbo Jumbo” but prepared to play the game.

After 45 minutes I got up with absolutely no pain and feeling completely refreshed. The pain did return some 10 days later and I went for another slightly longer Kinesiology Balance, this time experiencing an extreme connectedness and energy shift along with complete pain relief. Some two weeks later a third session has not only completely cured my shoulder pain but also provided a conduit to an increased awareness and appreciation of higher consciousness.

Holly has managed to assist through her remarkable gift inside of these Balance sessions to cure not only my shoulder but get to the nub of why it occurred in the first place. She has shown me that through the unblocking of energy pathways alternative healing methodologies such as Kinesiology certainly have a very real and important role to play within the realms of complementary therapy. I am now cured of my pain, skepticism and working on areas of my life in which I have been stuck for many years.

Thank you Kinesiology Balance, Thank you Holly.

N. Jackson.

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