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“Our bodies have an individually unique way of communicating with us.
I can assist you to understand the language that your body uses to communicate it’s messages to you.”

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Kinesiologist Profile

“I have always been interested in learning the language of how our bodies communicate with us.  Until we tune in to that language we are missing vital clues on how to create a more fulfilling physical experience.

My journey to discover and study kinesiology was multi-faceted and has exposed me to each element that allows our energy to find harmony.  I have experience in Nutrition after having co-founded a healthy snack company. Training and teaching The Nia Technique allowed me to assist others to connect to their Physical bodies. Parenting two girls has kept me constantly in touch with the intricate world of Emotions.  My exposure to many forms of somatic Psychology has allowed wonderful insight into the Mental realms.  Studying Traditional Chinese Medicine has provided me with a unique philosophy on energy and healing.  All of this experience has combined to create an amazing foundation to utilize and add to through kinesiology.”

Julie has a very unique gift, an ability to make strong connections between client’s difficulties and emotional struggles and creatively find new ways for them to see their issues.  She does this instinctively and still remains focused on the goal or outcome that the client is searching for.  This gift of insightful perspective allows her to work with clients of any age or level of body awareness.
Clients gain a new level of understanding of their emotions and empowered with that knowledge can work in partnership with their bodies to create health.

Client testimonial
I was recommended to Julie to see if she could help me manage my  chronic back pain. Having no knowledge of kinesiology I had very  little expectation. The treatment was non invasive and helped me to  reassess my personal views on how the body connects to the brain. I  went away feeling lighter and able to get out of bed each morning with  less and less pain. I have noticed with a further two sessions that I  am able to cope so much better with my stress levels and that it is  certainly up to me, with her guidance, to get the best from my body.
Julie is fabulous to deal with, she is encouraging, extremely  knowledgeable, insightful and has a way with words that gets you to  reassess your own inner thoughts.  What she is able to achieve with  your body with only the very lightest of touch blows me away. I can  only thank her from the bottom of my heart for coming into my life at  a time when pain had very much grabbed a hold of my every  thought…today I am able to accept the pain on a much lower level and  get the most out of my day. She is totally inspirational.
Glenda  Poultney

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