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Karina Joubert is a Specialised Kinesiologist with more than 3000 hours of study. She is an understanding therapist who is able to guide you and help you explore options with regards to your physical or emotional issues and problems. The peaceful environment where her office is situated, allows a safe space to explore different options available.

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Kinesiologist Profile

Karina started her career in the ICT sector and as Project Manager, realized that there is more to life than the corporate world and all the stress associated with it.  Due to personal health problems related to stress, she started investigating alternative and complementary healing options and found the wonder world of kinesiology.

Her expertise in kinesiology and her experience in the corporate world could be of great assistance, with working with people on stress related issues in the workplace.
She also has a passion for working with children and can assist children with learning and/or emotional issues.

Her passion for kinesiology has been fueled by the physical and emotional changes it has brought about in her and her family’s life. Her mother being one of her best testimonials – solving a life long issue, with a narrowed esophagus.

Karina now resides in Umkomaas

Afrikaans and English clients welcome.

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+27 82 574 9717