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I have the best job ever.  I watch people change from unhappy, sick, lost people into balanced, confident, strong people meeting their futures happily, and I know I helped them achieve that.

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Kinesiologist Profile

Favourite Pastime:

People are my favourite pastime, working out what has put them where they are at any given point in time, trying to motivate them to improve their lives and themselves, working with the potential that every person can manifest and grow into.

The Question to which I would want an Answer:

Why can we not all just enjoy being alive?

Why I work hard:

I enjoy working with people and seeing them achieve things they would never have dreamed they could achieve.  The satisfaction I derive from seeing someone healthier, happier and more in command of their lives is enough to motivate me to put in my best possible effort.

Why Kinesiology:

I worked side by side with a specialised kinesiologist in the Eastern Cape and saw it achieve the most remarkable results.  I then got the opportunity to train in kinesiology, and I found using the combination of kinesiology and homeopathy allowed me faster and deeper access to the cause of the patient’s problem.

Kinesiology’s Greatest Gift:

In my opinion that would be the ability to bypass the conscious mind of the patient and allow the body and subconscious mind to give feedback about the problem, without over-intellectualising,

confusing the issue or interference due to previous opinions given.  The feedback is honest, direct, often surprising and always takes the emotional state of the patient into account.

My Gift:

The ability to see the emotional root causes of any type of problem, and to empathize without judging and look ahead for a resolution.

My Specialty:

Trauma, grief and unresolved issues, that then often lead to disease on mental, physical, emotional levels.    I enjoy opening up possibilities for the patient and helping them take charge of their own process of healing.

How Kinesiology has changed my world View:

It has allowed me to view things more positively and allowed me to view people with a greater sense of humour. It has expanded my viewpoints on the world we live in and how so many aspects of that world can affect us both positively and negatively.

What I would say to anyone doing a kinesiology course:

Go ahead, you can only benefit from it.  It doesn’t matter how far you take it, you will definitely grow as a result of doing any kinesiology course.

My message to people I encounter:

Don’t settle for a situation you are uncomfortable with, there are always ways forward towards a more positive, more fulfilling life.  I can help you to find those ways and that life.

My legacy for my successors:

Believe in yourself and in what you do, and you will move mountains.

Things I laugh about and that sadden me:

I often laugh at the antics of my animals, and of children I see, and I am saddened by the amount of loss, on so many levels, we experience throughout our lives.

Other important things about me:

I am and have always been a musician, which allows me to talk about and understand a certain depth of soul expression.  To me, that means that I am particularly sensitive to the hurts and joys that affect one on the deepest levels and to the need to understand how these things can form or deform one’s viewpoint of oneself and of life itself.


Being both a homeopath and a specialised kinesiologist, Marianne combines the two modalities to get the most direct and deepest result. She is particularly insightful with emotionally distressed and grieving patients, illnesses rooted in trauma and treatment-resistant chronic diseases. Coming from a creative and artistic background, she fully understands the stresses, problems, and fears of the artistic, creative person. She is extremely compassionate and caring in her approach.

“Dr. Marianne Baasch has helped to directly address hard issues and problematic areas in my life that I haven’t been able to address in any other form of therapy. Through kinesiology, we have been able to successfully identify the core need requiring work for the problem, which has resulted in a positive impact on my life, and I feel I am a more wholesome and mindful person for it. I would definitely recommend anyone to try kinesiology.”
~Keri Werth

“I am a practicing musician, and my whole body is prone to various stresses resulting from maintaining certain postures for extended lengths of time. In this regard, I have had several consultations with Dr. Baasch and have found her treatments to be of great benefit in the long term. I have experienced her as a highly intuitive and empathetic practitioner with a thorough knowledge of her field, all of which inspire confidence in her ability to apply her gift for healing.”
Barbara Kennedy (Cellist and teacher)

“Dr. Marianne Baasch treated my family for over six years. She helped us through childhood illnesses, psychological challenges, and lifestyle-related ailments. Marianne always took time and care when assessing what the issues were, which resulted in holistic and effective treatment. The effectiveness of her treatments and advice resulted in her care being our primary medical treatment over this period. ”
~Ilze Lang

“Dr. Marianne Baasch has been my healthcare practitioner since 2010. When I met her for our first appointment I was a mess. As a result of ill health, I had almost lost my previous confidence in my ability to hold a job. With Marianne’s help, I slowly but surely regained my health and energy levels and can now once again excel in a taxing career. Today I feel optimistic about my future and I feel healthy – as long as I stay away from gluten! Thanks to Marianne’s insightful diagnostic ability, I have my life back. Thank you, Marianne.”
~Dr. Doreen Bekker

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