Melina Geertsema – Pretoria East

“If you are serious about your own health and wellbeing, and you are prepared to take personal responsibility for your own wellbeing, I would love to help and guide you on this wonderful  journey. It will not only change your health, it ll change your life, at home, in the workplace and, on the sports fields.”

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Kinesiologist Profile

Melina has always had a passion for assisting in the physical and emotional healing of mankind. The wellbeing of the human body and spirit is  of paramount importance to Melina. Her journey with kinesiology, brought about the realisation that the human body was created in such perfection,  allowing it to heal within itself. She recognises the importance of teaching and empowering people, to actually take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

Her Kinesiology journey, which started off enthusiastically, has steadily grown into a passion. The body’s innate healing power is a source of great fascination to her. With a little assistance, the body can access its own resources – the body knows exactly what it needs to repair itself. This process is made possible with muscle testing, indicating which corrections to the body are required.

Witnessing the changes and healing which occur as a result of kinesiology is certainly a most fulfilling and humbling experience.  Melina enjoys working with people with any form of unresolved or chronic pain, be it neck, shoulder, back or limb pain.  She also works with minor sports injuries.

The slightest change and improvement is experienced as a massive shift and victory. Melina equally loves interacting with humans as well as with animals and nature. She enjoys camping and the outdoors and is an avid sports follower.

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Pretoria East, Jhb East Rand


084 325 7971/072 983 7974