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“Kinesiology is proof of how our thoughts shape our reality and thus our physical and mental well being. Through Kinesiology a person is able to explore how powerful their minds truly are and how they are able to empower themselves with more positive outcomes to be a better version of them self. I am in awe at the results of every client that crosses my path and their willingness to dig deep within themselves to explore their spiritual, mental and emotional sides and not only the physical”

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Kinesiologist Profile

Paulo was introduced to Kinesiology by his wife in 2011. Five years later he had completed his International Diploma in Kinesiopractic representing 4500 hours of study. He was blown away by the results of Kinesiology in himself and his clients. Not only has Kinesiology created huge shifts for his clients but Kinesiology has created amazing shifts for Paulo as well.

He loves working with recurring sports injuries, mental and emotional issues as well as learning and developmental issues like autism. He has also had some successes working with lymphatic issues and other more deep seated complications such as autoimmune issues.

He can also help clients who have experienced trauma, sexual and mental abuse, anger management issues, pelvic girdle issues, recurring muscle issues such as frozen muscles as well as emotional problems, addictions and phobias.  He enjoys working with children and adults with learning disabilities, as well as food sensitivities.

Paulo has also completed the New Warrior Training Adventure, a training that conducts challenging and highly rewarding programs for men at every stage of life which empowers men to missions of service, supporting men to make a difference in the lives of others.  He uses this powerful learning when working with other men.

Paulo has completed a course in iridology as well as Usui Reiki. He works from Krugersdorp.


“All my muscles on my left side starting from the back of my neck all the way down my back to my calf muscles were all tensed up, so that I could not even raise my left arm. I had gone to physio and massages for almost a year but nothing helped. Two sessions of kinesiology sorted me out and I can now raise my arm with ease. It’s amazing how accurate the information was that surfaced and how it related to my physical pain.  Thank you, Paulo” Mrs P. G.

“In 2006 I and my staff had an armed robbery. A gun was held to my back and we were bound and locked in the fridge while the robbers took what they wanted. Ever since then, if anyone touched my back in that specific area where the gun had been shoved, I would get a fright. It got so bad that I punched a friend for touching my back. After one session I was cured of this trigger and I no longer react when anyone touches my back. The information and emotions that came up during the corrections were so on the money. What an experience” -G. Silva.

“I am 16 years of age and I compete in dancing. For the passed two years I have been getting shin splints from dancing. In one Kinesiology session my shin splints were sorted and seven months later I have not had a problem with the shin splints again. What was amazing was that it all had to do with my thoughts of my self. What a mind blowing experience” – M. W.

“I got divorced in 2015. This amplified all the anger that I was harboring. It was affecting my work and my personal life severely. I finally decided to give kinesiology a go to see if it could help. I was admittedly very skeptical in the beginning of the session but once all the information came up surrounding my anger and what was truly the cause I could literally feel a weight being lifted off of me. WOW!!!” M dS

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