Test Kits for Use in Kinesiology Treatments

Formulated by a registered homeopath, these test kits are small, convenient and easy to use. Each test kit consists of a number of vials of homoeopathically prepared pillules. The kits will last indefinitely if properly cared for and will enable you to test for food allergies, any required foods or heavy metals and radiation. Each vial contains 2ml of prepared pillules, treated with concentrates.

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The Food Test Kits contain 23 vials formulated according to the food families used in the Rotation Diet.  Price – R575 plus postage

• Gluten-containing Grains
• Gluten-free Grains
• Tree Nuts
• Legumes
• Fungi
• Gourds
• Lily Family
• Cruciferous Family
• Nightshade Family
• Apple Family
• Plum Family
• Berry Famil
• Read Meats
• Poultry
• Fish
• Shellfish
• Dairy
• Sugar
• Sugar Substitutes
• Seeds
• Coffee
• Eggs

The Heavy Metals Test Kits contain 15 vials, 13 of which are heavy metals test kit vials and 2 of
which test for types of radiation. Price – R375 plus postage

• Alumimium
• Arsenic
• Cadmium
• Copper
• Gold
• Iron
• Lead
• Mercury
• Nickel
• Silver
• Thallium
• Tin
• Zinc
• Particle/Nuclear Radiation
• Electromagnetic Radiation

Test kits are available through Marianne and can be sent via Speedpost (Post Office), Postnet, or fetched in Cape Town. Kits take a few days to be made after receipt of payment.  Please note that prices may be subject to change if there is a price increase in the raw material.

Postage and packaging is not included in the prices quoted. Contact details: Email marbaa2404@hotmail.com / WhatsApp 0739977286

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