About The College

Why choose us to complete one of the most amazing courses in wellness in the 21st Century?

  • We have been teaching Kinesiology for 23 years.
  • We train all levels of the ICPKP program ie the  Certificate in Basic Kinesiology Practice (BKP) the Diploma in Kinesiology and then the optional Advanced Diploma and take your practice to a new level of excellence with the Post Graduate Diploma in Kinesiopractic®
  • Our lecturers are qualified and have the necessary skills and training to not just teach the material but to give the student the extra skills that come with making great Kinesiologists.
  • We have different lecturers to give the student access to different learning techniques and diverse viewpoints.
  • You can earn while you learn. After achieving the Certificate in Basic Kinesiology Practice (BKP – one year) -students will, within a short period, be able to start earning, and building their profitable Kinesiology businesses while attaining the Diploma in Kinesiology.
  • We have training schools in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Durban so if you relocate you can just continue on with your course at another branch. We will also travel to your area for 8 or more students.
  • We can also come to you, wherever you are, just arrange a minimum of 6 students and we will be there!



margieMargie Donde is a skilled Specialised Kinesiology practitioner and instructor and is the principal of the college. After attending the Touch for Health training and conference at the University of San Diego in 1990, Margie has spent the past 22 years following her passion in the holistic health field.  Self driven and with a practical organisational capacity, she has used her ability to focus, and her “just do it” attitude, to create one of the largest Specialised Kinesiology Teaching schools in South Africa.

She teaches Touch for Health, Touch for Health Metaphors, the Kpower series, the ICPKP programme including the Basic Kinesiology Program (Bkp) Series and the full ICPKP diploma and advanced Diploma course as well as horse and dog Kinesiology workshops.  She started teaching Kinesiology in 1990.  She was the first in South Africa to start teaching the ICPKP programme when it changed from PKP to the internationally recognised Certificate and Diploma programme in 2000. She recently became an ICPKP FAC 1 Faculty Trainer after spending several intensive weeks working hard to meet the competency requirements and teaching the FAC 1 workshop alongside Dr Dewe in Melbourne, Australia. This means that Margie is now qualified to train Kinesiologists who want to become trainers of the first year ICPKP programme.  Besides Dr Dewe and Mrs Dewe, she is one of only 6 who is authorised to do so.

Margie has a long standing love for horses, is an accredited riding instructor, and was a successful dressage competitor. She is pioneering the use of kinesiology techniques for horses. She is also interested in Permaculture and sustainability. She is a founding member of the Greater Kyalami Conservancy (GEKCO) and Just Environmental Action (JEA)

Her Kinesiology training includes 2 Biokinetics workshops, 14 Educating Alternatives workshops, 5 Neuro-Training workshop, 9 Three-in-1 Kinesiology workshops, 3 Neural Organisation (NOT) workshops, 7 Kinergetics workshops, all 5 years of ICPKP training including the Instructor training and FAC 1 training, Touch for Health and Touch for Health metaphors plus the instructor training for those workshops. That’s approximately 7,000 hours of Kinesiology training.

She has also studied nutrition, astrology, shadow work, various natural therapies, counselling, massage and energetic healing. She has a certificate in Adult Training from UNISA.


alex small

Alex Kilian is a Specialised Kinesiologist with over 1000 hours of kinesiology training and experience.

Over the past 15 years she has dedicated herself to the delivery of training and facilitation of programmes in the realms of Emotional Intelligence, conflict resolution, organisational learning, leadership, diversity and inclusion. She has extensive experience in design and programme evaluation and is passionate about alternative dispute resolution. She is a qualified Divorce Mediator.

She uses clear and articulate communication skills together with keen analytical abilities to creatively conceptualise solutions. She has extensive understanding and experience of multiculturalism and diversity.


Babsie Nothnagel

Babsie is practicing as a Professional Kinesiologist, and in the process of completing her studies in the Advanced Diploma in Kinesiopractic.  Her compassion and tenderness, helps students feel at ease through the process. She has a professional, yet warm and tender demeanor, displaying empathy in her work. She is always approachable and goes out of her way to assist any who ask for help.

She has extensive knowledge on diet, nutrition and healthy habits in the home and she walks her talk.


janelle smallJanelle recently moved to Durban North from Johannesburg.  She has spent 3 years studying Kinesiology at the Specialised Kinesiology College of South Africa.  She has a Diploma in Kinesiology and is a qualified Kinesiology Practitioner. Her love of kinesiology has been fueled by the physical and emotional changes it has brought about in her and her family. Passionate about helping people, Janelle has a very thorough, methodical approach to helping students change and grow.

She is friendly and has a warm disposition that allows students to feel at ease and has a lot to offer with her sound knowledge of Kinesiology.

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