I participated in the 2010 Comrades marathon (90 km from Pietermaritzburg to Durban) and I had a Kinesiology full balance two weeks before race day. It made such a big difference to my aches and pains on and after the race day, I was amazed! I usually suffer from back pain on distances above 32km (fused spine) and at about 45km my knees start to act up. In my previous two Comrades races, I’ve ended up with painful and quite badly swollen knees and ankles for almost a month after the race.

Not so for 2010! No back pain on race day and no problems afterward, except for the usual stiffness but I was actually able to go deep-sea fishing with my cousin on the following day, whereas I could barely stand, let alone walk, in the previous years!

I’m forever grateful to Brigitte for the Kinesiology balance as I’d dreaded the pain during and after the race and I’ve been recommending going for such a balance to every athlete I meet.

Fanie Burger / Centurion

I am a Comrades athlete and I was fortunate enough to receive 2 full Kinesiology balances in the month before the race at the end of May. The focus was specifically on the muscles I would use during the race and on a positive mindset – enjoying the race and having an adventurous journey.

What a difference those 2 balances made to my enjoyment of the race and my mindset before and on that day!

I usually have many aches and pains during the 90km, 12-hour trek from Pietermaritzburg to Durban and at about 65 km I really lose my sense of humour and become tearful and grumpy because it is still such a way to go. Also, the 2 days before Comrades and the morning before the race I’m terrible company – my nerves are on edge and I’m totally stressed and quite snappy. None, absolutely not one of these symptoms happened this year, and the only thing I changed to previous years, was going for the balances.

I was calm and happy throughout before the race, no nerves on the morning before setting off, and I remained calm, happy and virtually pain free for the full 90 kms – the race turned out to be one of my best adventures yet and other athletes commented on how fresh I looked and how happy and cheerful I sounded every step of the way. I had next to no pain at all while running and actually donated many of my previously much-treasured tablets to fellow comrades in pain and even the days following the race were a breeze – a bit of stiffness on the first two days after the race and after that you would never have said I’d run so far and I managed to finish almost 15 minutes faster than my previous time. Previous years I looked gaunt, tired and run-down for a week after and walked with difficulty for at least 5 days – climbing stairs and getting out of bed was almost impossible. I can recommend having at least one balance before any big race – even if you do not suffer from pain and it is just to keep you in a positive frame of mind, it made a huge difference to my happy memories of that day.

Melissa Burger / Centurion


I didn’t really know what to expect but Margie came highly recommended so I thought I’d give it a try.

I’m not one for psycho-analytical “talking” therapy, so I wasn’t too pleased when Margie engaged me in some “make me feel put on the spot” chit-chat. Thankfully it only lasted long enough for her to get a handle on why I was there from a Kinesiology perspective.  After that, I got to lie back and she did all the work using Kinesiology techniques and protocols

When she finished I felt noticeably lighter, as if a weight had been lifted. Suddenly life didn’t seem as daunting, and my “baggage” felt infinitely more manageable. I made another appointment for the following week and arrived armed with a long list. The interesting thing about kinesiology is that each session seems to have a ripple effect. So we work on one item on my list and suddenly three other issues that didn’t even come up are dealt with simultaneously



I suffered from bouts of tiredness, with no energy and depression all my life. I was also diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago and I realize that I needed some help desperately to change my current state of mind if I wanted to survive.

If I had any doubt about the theory of Kinesiology I changed my mind within the first few minutes. I was surprised at how many of my unspoken fears and emotions were picked up during the therapy. It finally started making sense why I had my illnesses.

I am so very grateful that within a month after my four Kinesiology sessions I changed from a grumpy 63-year-old retired lady to an energetic and positive 63-year-young lady.

  • The pain in my shoulder is gone
  • I am sleeping better
  • I am more positive and enthusiastic
  • My energy level is much better


I was very concerned about this and wondered what else I could do the help healing. I was using Symphytum and Traumeel as homeopathic remedies to help knitting of the bones as well as calcium supplements. In January 1999 I had a bone graft, which also did not generate a knit.

In August 1999 after hearing about a kinesiologist called Margie I decided that I had nothing to lose and went to see her. Before seeing Margie for my first appointment I had another s-ray, that clearly showed other options were needed to be considered for the healing o my legs. i.e. an external fixator. It was agreed with my surgeon to wait till the end of November for another x-ray before making any final decisions

I saw Margie on a weekly basis. After my first session I was astounded and very interested in what Kinesiology could do for me.

As things happen, during the last week of October the pin in my leg broke and I had to have a third operation, but what was the biggest surprise to me were the positive signs of the bone growth on the x-ray taken at this point. I HAD MORE BONE GROWTH ON THIS X-RAY IN THE PAST 8 WEEKS THAN I HAD HAD, IN THE PAST 7 MONTHS SINCE THE FIRST SURGERY. This COULD have been due to a number of things or a combination of different efforts, but I cannot help believing that over and above everything else, Kinesiology played a major role in the healing process of my body.

I Can Dance Again



My ex-husband and I were called in for a meeting with the remedial teachers who proclaimed the child definitely had a problem and advised that Ritalin may help. I was completely opposed to this suggestion. What was of more concern to me was that the teachers had no idea what the actual problem was.

Obviously emotional problems resulting from the divorce were foremost in our minds, but he appeared to be settled and accepting of the situation. We took him to psychologists and psychiatrists both in Gaborone and Johannesburg. They acknowledged that there were emotional issues but they too could not put their finger on why there was such a problem with school work. It appeared nothing we could do was helping. I was starting to feel desperate.

He repeated standard 2, and things were starting to go from bad to worse. At my wit’s end, I spoke to my mother in law who had just started training as a Kinesiologist. She, in turn, got a name of a Kinesiologist in Johannesburg who specialised in children’s learning problems.

I contacted Margie Donde and an appointment was set up. This proved to be the best thing I could have ever done for Devin, albeit the issues regarding both parents being gut-wrenching on occasion.

Within a few short minutes of Devin being on the bed, Margie had identified the problem. The emotional trauma of the divorce had had far more impact than we could have ever imagined. His own self-esteem had also taken an enormous knock. The “blocks” that he had unconsciously set up were responsible for his learning problems. I honestly believe and acknowledge that no degree of modern technology could have diagnosed as quickly and accurately the problems that had been taken on board and buried.

Margie worked with Devin to clear these blocks and gave him some homework to do in the form of brain gym. It was amazing during and after these sessions how verbal communication flourished. With the blocks being removed and the re-balancing, he had found a conduit to express himself.

Following the second session with Margie, I received a phone call from Devin’s teacher late one evening. On recognising the voice I asked with some trepidation what the problem was. As it turned out there was no problem the teacher just wanted to know what I had done! The children had been read a story about clowns and the circus and had to write their own short story in this regard. They had been asked to write a half A4 page. Devin had written four full A4 pages! This from a child who could hardly string four words together at one time! His other work was also steadily improving.

From here things just spiraled upward. Suddenly from constantly being within the last five of his class, he was constantly within the top 10. His self-confidence skyrocketed. His teacher and remedial teachers had absolutely no explanation for the sudden turnaround. Their only comment was “this cannot be”. Well, it was and still is!

Not only did things improve in the classroom but also on the sports field. With his new found self-confidence he was enjoying the sports he had always so loved.

Unfortunately, the lack of high schools in the area in which we live dictated that he went to boarding school. He is now coping well and still enjoying good grades. His teachers speak very highly of him not only academically but as a person. He still utilises some of the “exercises” that Margie gave him whenever he gets stuck.

I resorted to Kinesiology in sheer desperation. What a pity so many of us dismiss these practices as hocus-pocus, thereby subjecting our children and indeed ourselves to invasive and very often detrimental options. My opinion of this alternative approach has grown hugely. For me, the proof is in the result. Now, I would never consider any other approach. I have a mature, confident 16-year old for which I cannot thank Margie and Kinesiology enough.

My youngest child has recently been identified as having a few learning problems with which I am dealing in exactly the same manner. This time we have caught it early and I know that he will reap the benefits.

To Margie and Kinesiologists worldwide, continue your good work, the world and its people can only be a better place for your efforts.



Laika was very sensitive and helpful and through the sessions, I have not only been brought relief from pain and stiffness, but also a lot of insight about my body and mind. I am feeling much less pain, but also have a different relationship to the pain, and now see it as a message from my body that there is something that I may need to be thinking about. Laika is kind and gentle, and I certainly recommend her kinesiology!



One was from my childhood and by returning to this episode of my life and living through it, the hurt was amazingly released. The second incident involved the death of my father. This session opened the door.

In the next session, a feeling of intolerance in me was picked up, coming from a present circumstance at my work. For the first time in my life, I felt I could be totally honest about how I felt without being judged. After dealing with these feelings and the root cause in me, I can now be more objective and the present situation has improved considerably.

There were times in between sessions when I still doubted if healing was possible, as I was dealing with feelings of emptiness and disconnection.

But in the fourth session, everything seemed to come together – as oneness. During all four sessions, I felt I was in very trusting hands and was amazed by what the body can reveal with someone who obviously has a passion for healing and is intuitive and sensitive. Laika took all the time that was needed and treated everything with sacredness. I thank the Divine presence for allowing me to go through this experience.



At a time in my life when I was going through deep emotional turmoil, I approached Brenda for a kinesiology appointment. Before the appointment I had been feeling sad and lethargic. I was not able to think clearly or function very well. During my session with Brenda, she tested me and shared mostly information with me in the form of comforting passages about life and about strength and moving forward, as well as clear instructions as to how to look after myself with specific reference to my personal problems. She also told me very clearly exactly what it was that I was experiencing – e.g. ‘your heart is broken’. Without expecting to, I experienced a huge surge of emotion and I was able to cry and release a lot of emotion that I had held inside me for a long time. The pain felt quite unbearable at the time. Brenda’s quiet, loving and non-judgmental presence provided a most valuable safe space for me to experience these emotions. I am so grateful to her for this and I said to her afterwards that it takes a special person to be able to sit with another and just hold the space and the pain; she gave me permission to do what I needed to do. After the session I felt very raw, but my healing was quick to follow and the unbearable pain became manageable and then became a part of my life that I felt I could hold without it causing further injury. It was a very important and meaningful experience for me. One that made me emotionally and physically stronger.



I have suffered from pain in my feet for over 10 years. It was diagnosed as planta faciatis and I went to all sorts of specialists to try to correct the problem. This included physios, a sports doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, 2 podiatrists, reflexology, mobilisation (which helped to maintain my feet but never cured them), and finally acupuncture. My doctor was amazed that the acupuncture hadn’t helped, as she had had great success with it before for planta faciatis . During my last session with her, she mentioned the connection between emotional issues and long-term, chronic pain. I had heard of this but never thought it applied to me – or that it could apply to something like foot pain! She didn’t have any solutions, but I had heard of kinesiology and was fortunate enough to find Margie.


In our first session, Margie found and dealt with the emotional cause underlying my foot pain – something that I would never have suspected! However, I didn’t really know what to expect. The next day was very busy and I didn’t notice my feet as I wasn’t on them much, but when I got home that night I decided to go for a run. I hadn’t run for 6 months because of the pain in my feet, which had got only slightly better with all the treatments I had been having. I started the run and waited for the familiar pain in my feet. I ran and ran, and nothing came! I got home absolutely amazed and sat in my garden, infused with this amazing sense of calm, contentedness and clarity of direction that I had not had for years.

I cannot describe the incredible feeling of being pain-free after so many years. It feels like a miracle every day, every step I take! But I think the kinesiology has also worked on a deeper level, and the sense of peace was related to that. It is over a month later and I have not lost that feeling!

Margie had asked in our session if I had any other issues I was struggling with, and this prompted me to book a second session to help me to deal with a relationship issue I had been struggling with.

I have been involved with a man on and off for 7 years and due to MY issues and blocks, could never commit to him. This resulted in a huge amount of pain for both of us. We would advance to a point of commitment – and I would break up with him as soon as it got too close. (Let me add that he is the most wonderful man, and so well matched to me in so many areas – so it wasn’t that he was ‘wrong’ for me.) I hurt him so much with my inability to commit that he had a nervous breakdown last year. We had started talking again after 8 months of no communication, and I was determined not to go through the same patterns of the past again.

Margie not only helped me to see and ‘fix’ these patterns, but we landed up dealing with issues related to my asthma too! I had asthma as a baby, then again from around the age of 12 till now (age 37).

The result of that session is that I am literally a changed person. Somehow, all the issues and guilts from the past have dissolved and I am finally able to simply give my heart to this man and love him like I have always wanted to. He, thank God, is prepared to try once more – which shows HIS depth of love for me, after all these years of pain!

It has had ramifications in other areas of my life, too. Margie showed me where the patterns were and how they were affecting me in my family and friendship relationships as well, and how they were holding me back. As a result, I am for the first time in my life starting to make choices for ME, setting correct and strong boundaries while still being able to love and forgive. I am now able to live life for MYSELF, on my own terms, without being burdened by guilt and worry over what other people think. And I didn’t even realise that this was what I was doing!

Another result has been that I am TOTALLY OFF cortisone for my asthma – after over 10 years of this medication! My lungs are clear and again, it is a miracle for me to be able to breathe properly without the use of medicine. I only occasionally have to use Ventolin, usually only on a long run, although most runs are clear. Before, I had to take cortisone every day, AND sometimes Ventolin on my runs!

Margie, I cannot thank you enough! Kinesiology has given me freedom from 2 chronic conditions I have suffered from for years, freedom to live life on my own terms, and happiness in a relationship I never dreamed would be able to be healed. This is priceless!

Veronica Haupt / Author of ‘Ultimate Health’


I didn’t think, at that point, that there was any possibility of me feeling better. I’d been perceiving myself as a victim for such a long time. This manifested itself physically and my stomach and the entire digestive system had literally stopped functioning resulting in continual pain and distension.

I was amazed at the first session with Laika herself because she made me feel calm and I hadn’t felt calm for a long time. We talked for a long time and I couldn’t believe how easy it was for me to pour out my entire history ~it felt like I was unburdening myself without her having to ask me any questions.

I think the most powerful element that Laika produced was “awareness”. It was overwhelming and astonishing and made me look deeply at myself. I’d wake up in the middle of the night realizing truths that I’d not been aware of, truths about myself and my own choices.

By the fourth session with Laika, my life has changed in a positive and constructive way. New opportunities loom, new truths have been realized, new plans of action have awakened my zest for life. My stomach settled as I continued to purge myself emotionally.

Laika is gentle, soothing, calm and inspires great trust. She has changed my life forever.



Life has been somewhat of a turmoil since a family tragedy late last year. I developed an addiction to using alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs to cope and avoid the feelings of grief. Margie suggested a Kinesiology addiction balance. Using Kinesiology tools she figured out when/why/where my addictions had begun and by doing so was able to help me break the pattern. Again, I left there feeling noticeably lighter. The interesting thing is that not only did it take away my desire to smoke etc I also stopped biting my nails after that session. It’s been about three weeks and I can honestly say I feel as if I never did any of that stuff. It’s as if that was someone else. I’ve also been through some very trying and emotional times since then, which is usually when I want to drink or smoke. And nothing!

B.E. / Midrand


It all started with losing my father, going through a divorce and losing a business all in a very short space of time. I felt like I was drowning and did what most people do during difficult times and consulted a doctor for help. Before I knew it I was told that I had a “chemical imbalance”, diagnosed with schizophrenia, psychosis etc. and immediately put on anti-depressants, tranquilizers and sleeping tablets.

My “treatment” changed my personality. I alienated not only my friends but my family too – you see the tablets put me in a false sense of reality, completely masked my emotions and I became a living zombie. (An impossible one I might add!!) Because of the drugs, I was physically and emotionally unable to deal with the natural emotions I should have been dealing with and so, of course, I went from bad to worse.

A year ago – at what was almost the end of my life, I was on 23 prescribed tablets a day. I had a 6-month repeat prescription for all these tablets and promptly went off to a few pharmacies and filled all 6 prescriptions. I then went home and took all the tablets I had and lay down to die… At that stage, the only light I could see at the end of the tunnel was another on-coming train!

Fortunately, when I wasn’t answering my phone my family grew suspicious and drove to my house to check on me. They found me already unconscious. I was rushed to the hospital where the battle to save my life began. Due to the number of drugs I had taken, the outlook was very bleak and the doctors were sure that if an “unlikely” miracle occurred and I did live it would be like a vegetable. My mother was given the option of “letting me go”. Thankfully, she never gave up and 3 days later I began showing signs of waking from the coma. My first memory is of my mom and I sitting on my hospital bed and her asking me why I had done it and what she could do to help me. I had by then realized that the drugs were making me worse and not in anyway well! I promised to come off the pills and my mom promised to do whatever it took to help me.

Our first stop after my discharge was at Margie for a kinesiology session. Margie was filled with empathy, completely non-judgemental and determined to help. I saw her on a regular basis for a 2 month period – during which time I was going through severe drug withdrawal. Looking back, I now realize that so-called prescription drugs are no better than “street” drugs because I was sure I was going to die. The physical pain was immense and I can’t imagine cocaine or heroin withdrawal being any harder!

My kinesiology sessions with Margie allowed my body to alert her to the issues I needed to deal with and there was no hiding here of “I don’t know what you are talking about!” Believe me, the body doesn’t lie! Together, we dealt with all my issues, the treatments helped ease the withdrawal and 3 months later I was being told by those closest to me that I was back to my “old” self!

My family relationships and bonds were not only reinstated, but strengthened and miraculously I have no effects from the overdose (brain damage, deafness or blindness etc.) A year later I am running a very successful business, and I am once again independent but probably most importantly I am finally proud of myself and who I am! And thankfully, I am here to tell my story.

I have learned so much from this experience, but mostly I would like to acknowledge that at some point in our lives we are all faced with something we are sure we can’t deal with. I am not suggesting that we need to face that alone, but I am suggesting that that does not mean we need anti-depressants or tranquillizers to help us through. Based on my experience, all we need is someone impartial to talk to and we need to acknowledge what our issues are (which is often the hardest part!) and then face them head-on. To assist in this process, I would highly recommend kinesiology as it is sure to uncover everything you should be facing up to and there can be no “hiding”!

Pain and hardship are part of life and I know never easy to deal with. I just don’t believe that drugs are the way to deal with things – talking is – even if it means facing our worst nightmares… Even if you go the route of drugs, and if you are lucky enough to ever come off them or even live through being on them, believe me, you are going to have to face those nightmares anyway!



Amazing how that balance worked. Really did change a lot for me. Am getting on so well with my partner and he is acting very differently towards me. In a very loving way.



My IBS has not come back and it was definitely sorted out by your profound kinesiology session. My relationship is also open, loving and connected again after both the kinesiology and the chakra dancer opened my heart chakra. I have no doubt you will be a very busy kinesiologist and kahuna bodyworker and will make a difference in many people’s lives.



I came to kinesiology somewhat suspicious of those professing to do healing work. … not because it was new to me but because I’d been exposed to a side of it that sharpened my antenna for snake oil saleswomen of the healing stripe. Instead, what I experienced with Brenda was a profound sense of being contained by a wise, intelligent, competent, compassionate, delightful soul. And while my mind got into knots – of protection, delusion, chattering, gatvolness – my body clearly knew that it was OK to trust and work towards healing. Brenda works with effortless ease. The changes are tangible, the journey a surprise.



After my last session with you I felt extremely relaxed and came away with a better understanding of some of my personal issues. It was a bit strange but it almost felt as though my body was going through a bit of a detox – although I don’t think we worked on that? I had a tender feeling in my liver. I almost felt like my body was getting rid of some old baggage so I drank extra water and felt fantastic in no time at all. Thank you.

Neil: Post our session, I’ve asked myself often: what do I want in this situation? And that awareness has led to a substantial sense of liberation. I actually think you’re onto something re addiction and nutrition … I know that large quantities of coffee make me feel nervous … time to find a substitute. From today, I’m going to halve my coffee intake at work and see if that has an effect by end of week….. “Exquisite care.” I’ve always thought of myself as being able to take good care of myself … but the idea of exquisite care is different … it implies treating myself as precious … which is establishes a different relationship that I’m enjoying exploring.



Post our session, I’ve asked myself often: what do I want in this situation? And that awareness has led to a substantial sense of liberation. I actually think you’re onto something re addiction and nutrition … I know that large quantities of coffee make me feel nervous … time to find a substitute. From today, I’m going to halve my coffee intake at work and see if that has an effect by end of week….. “Exquisite care.” I’ve always thought of myself as being able to take good care of myself … but the idea of exquisite care is different … it implies treating myself as precious … which is establishes a different relationship that I’m enjoying exploring.