What you can do with it

  • Optimise your skills and knowledge
  • Reach excellence in kinesiology
  • Become one of the top practitioners in your field

What you will learn

Level 4 rounds off your professional kinesiology practitioner profession with advanced skills.

Completing the Graduate Diploma of Kinesiopractic® equates to approximately 3800 hours of learning and is the most comprehensive, student-centred training in kinesiology available worldwide, enabling students of all ages and backgrounds to learn kinesiology and become highly skilled and sought-after practitioners with in-depth clinical knowledge and practical skills.

About the Graduate Diploma of Kinesiopractic® (PKP 4)

A Kinesiopractor® is the registered trade mark of ICPKP. The student can now register as a Kinesiopractor®. Registration is reserved for those who attain competency at the conclusion of level 4. The curriculum also includes Nutritional therapy information and Research components as core wellness subjects common to many health therapies. The student’s learning path is monitored for proficiency each step of the way. Each unit has an Assessment Journal to be completed and marked by the instructor. This mark is added to the student’s computerised track record. The student will then do a short computer test for competency and on completion of each wedge of training, there is an end of series exam. This is to ensure graduates of ICPKP maintain a high level of knowledge and competency. There are 12 Kinesiology and 1 Home Study units to complete.

Course Dates & Venues

The dates are set after the students have completed the Kinesiology pre-requisites. The dates will be discussed with the students and set to suit their needs.