What you can do with it

  • Start your successful kinesiology practice after completing 6 units of level 2
  • Expand your knowledge base and build on your level 1 skills
  • Learn how to work with specific conditions eg food sensitivities, joint issues and pain, balance all muscles in the body systems
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the impact of emotions on our well-being

What you will learn

After attending the first 6 units students will be able to start earning, and building their profitable Kinesiology businesses while attaining the Diploma in Kinesiology. 

The student’s learning path is monitored for proficiency each step of the way.  Each unit has an Assessment Journal to be completed and marked by the instructor.  This mark is added to the student’s computerised track record.  The student will then do a short computer test for competency and on completion of each wedge of training, there is an end of series exam.  This is to ensure graduates of ICPKP maintain a high level of knowledge and competency.

 The diploma includes:

About the Diploma (PKP 2) (Prerequisite Level 1)

The ICPKP Diploma builds on the skills and knowledge learned in the BKP Certificate. The aim of the diploma is to allow students to attain a professional standard using unique advanced Kinesiology techniques and skills. The course builds on the material covered in the Certificate, providing advanced techniques and in-depth knowledge on topics introduced in the BKP Certificate Course. It contains 16 units of professional material that augment your clinical skills with 512 hours of protocols that include regional muscle management, joint care, mental, emotional and brain integration skills, and the balancing of the body on all levels. The curriculum also includes Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pathophysiology and Research components as core wellness subjects common to many health therapies.

The Diploma program consists of 16 Kinesiology teaching units. These units take approximately 18 months to complete; the time depends on the effort made by the students to complete homework assignments and competency assessments. These units can be completed in 1 year by application to the college. These units are all accredited with the local association (PKPASA) and comply with the Australian National Qualifications (HLT51507 Diploma in Kinesiology, Australia)

After attaining their diploma the student can complete further studies to attain an International Advanced Diploma of Kinesiopractic® – Level 3

On successful completion of the Diploma of Kinesiology students will receive the following qualification:

International Diploma of Professional Kinesiology Practice

The Diploma is based on the Essential Skills & Knowledge gained from the following Industry Approved Kinesiology & Health Modules:

Course Dates & Venues

The dates are set after the students have completed the Kinesiology pre-requisites. The dates will be discussed with the students and set to suit their needs.